Our UK Assets

At present, JAHAMA Group owns and manages in excess of 150 properties in the United Kingdom. The core of its real estate portfolio – industrial and manufacturing assets – has grown to include a wide spectrum of sites including ports and infrastructure, leisure, office, hospitality and agricultural land.

Heavy Industrial

Number of sites: 25
Land Area: 1,621 acres
Built Area: 13.9m sq ft

Light Industrial

Number of sites: 31
Land Area: 40.8 acres
Built Area: 852,000 sq ft


Number of sites: 6
Built Area: 48,805 sq ft


Number of sites: 2
Land Area: 41.3 acres
Built Area: 140,000 sq ft

Leisure & Hospitality

Number of sites: 64
Built Area: 271,359 sq ft

Agricultural Land

Number of sites: 24
Land Area: 114,850 acres

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properties across the United Kingdom

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£0 million

estimated market value

0 million

sq ft of built area


acres of land

£0 billion

reinstatement value


apportioned industrial/port market value


apportioned office market value


apportioned leisure and hospitality market value

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