Jahama Group is an international real estate management and investment company that owns and operates a portfolio of properties based across the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. Our business, which is part of the GFG Alliance, administers assets that range from heavy and light industrial sites through to offices, ports, leisure and agricultural land.

With a wide-ranging property expertise across all areas of real estate, we work to develop and maximise the potential of each asset in a manner that adds value and provides best-in-class advice to occupiers, landlords and developers. Through our capabilities, including property and business development and financial assistance, we seek to operate all our assets as a responsible long-term owner and custodian seeking positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

UK Portfolio

150 +

properties across the United Kingdom

£3.9 billion

of property insurance value

£325 million

estimated market value

15.5 milllion

sq ft of built area


acres of land

£2.7 billion

reinstatement value


apportioned industrial/port market value


apportioned office market value


apportioned leisure & hospitality market value

Our Services

Asset Management

Increasing efficiency across a diverse portfolio of properties and maximising site value.

Property Development

Transforming commercial and industrial properties to meet modern demand, bringing new opportunities to otherwise under-utilised land.

Business Development

Curating property return opportunities from larger estates by evaluating their long-term potential and working with various stakeholders to achieve outstanding returns.

Financial Management

Providing advisory services to asset owners to help optimise the use of their capital investment and grow their property portfolio.

Our UK Assets

At present, JAHAMA Group owns and manages in excess of 150 properties in the United Kingdom. The core of its real estate portfolio - industrial and manufacturing assets - has since grown to include a wide spectrum of sites including ports and infrastructure, leisure, office, hospitality, and agricultural land.

Heavy Industrial

Value: £207.4m

Number of sites: 25

Land Area: 1,621 acres

Built Area: 13.9m sq ft

Light Industrial

Value: £6.1m

Number of sites: 31

Land Area: 40.8 acres

Built Area: 852,000 sq ft


Value: £79.9 million

Number of sites: 6

Built Area: 48,805 sq ft


Value: £9 million

Number of sites: 2

Land Area: 41.3 acres

Built Area: 140,000 sq ft

Leisure & Hospitality

Value: Incorporated in the valuation for the Highland Estate

Number of sites: 64

Built Area: 271,359 sq ft

Agricultural Land

Value: Incorporated in the valuation for the Highland Estate

Number of sites: 24

Land Area: 114,850 acres

Meet the team

Dilip Awtani, CEO. Jahama Group
Dilip Awtani


E: Dilip.Awtani@jahamagroup.com

Edward Martin, Senior Development Manager. Jahama Group
Edward Martin

Senior Development Manager

E: Edward.Martin@jahamagroup.com

Martin Shaw, Asset Manager. Jahama Group
Martin Shaw

Asset Manager

E: Martin.Shaw@jahamagroup.com

Austin Thomas, Operations & Business Development Manager. Jahama Group
Austin Thomas

Operations & Business Development Manager

E: Austin.Thomas@jahamagroup.com

Michael Ogunjemilua, Finance Business Manager. Jahama Group
Michael Ogunjemilua

Finance Business Manager

E: Michael.Ogunjemilua@jahamagroup.com

Saachi Saggar, Project Associate. Jahama Group
Saachi Saggar

Project Associate

E: Saachi.Saggar@jahamagroup.com

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